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September 2008



Delusions straight out of the gate.

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The Republican Party Platform (I’m calling it RPP from now on, because that just takes too long to type) starts with a Chairman’s Preamble. As expected, it’s comprised of platitudes that have no meaning when you think about the actions that Republicans have taken in the past. Shoot, actions they are taking now.

In the second paragraph, they talk about “Distrust of government’s interference in people’s lives.” I have that too. Unfortunately, my distrust extends beyond gun ownership and includes human rights like gay rights and reproductive rights. You know, rights that the many members of this party deny on a regular basis. 

There is also a mention of  the “old virtues: the character and command that, in times of conflict and crisis, have led the Republic through its trials.” And I wonder – what, exactly, are those values? Racism? Sexism? Homophobia? The sad thing is, this comment itself isn’t necessarily off. That is what has gotten a lot of people in this country ahead. Of course, that’s also what causes the conflicts and crises. 

What preamble would be complete without this phrase (written, I believe, without a sense of irony) “With gratitude for eight years of honorable service from President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! There has been nothing honorable about their service. Look where we are right now. Our esteem in the eyes of the world has dropped dramatically, we are killing people who don’t look like us on the other side of the globe so we can have access to resources we wouldn’t need if we had a more mature and reasonable energy policy, and we’re widening the gap between the people with a lot and people with a little.

Man. This is just the two-page preamble. This is going to be a long, painful read.

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