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August 2008



Huh. Just, Huh

Written by , Posted in Feminism

So, Friday morning I was in a meeting when I got the CNN breaking news e-mail about Sarah Palin. Of course, my first reaction was ACK. Then, my reaction was well, at least no matter what happens it will be a first. But, as I read more, I went back to ACK. 

Most women I know are not as virulently anti-choice as Sarah Palin, and most women I know are not as virulently anti-science as she is. The “any woman is better than no woman” argument doesn’t work for me, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I’d love for a woman to be president, or vice president. I’d also love for that woman to share my ideals. In the case of this election, Obama was closer to my views than Clinton. 

Now, it seems, some conservatives think that women will just drop their support for Obama (or, if they hadn’t yet gotten on board, just not choose him) in favor of McCain. As my dear friend Reagan put it on Friday, how stupid do they think we are? “She has a vagina, I have a vagina! I’m going to vote for her!” Even ignoring the fact that her positions are not good for me personally, I also think they are bad for the nation as a whole.

I’d love to support her because she’s a woman. But my alliance lies with the vast majority of women who would suffer if McCain and Palin are elected.

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