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February 2009



European Cuisine

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When I reached London, K and R had treats for me, and I’d like to spend a minute talking about the amazing food in London. That’s right, I said London. No, I’m not really talking about the food food – you know, the stuff you eat to nourish your body. No, I’m talking about treats. The stuff that normal people with self control eat on occasion, and that I eat daily, if not more often.

The first is the savory, spicy, amazing Walkers Thai Spice Crisps. These are amazing potato chips (a.k.a. crisps). It’s like bar-b-que, but so much more. So much more. There’s a kick, but it’s not so spicy that it burns. And maybe that’s the problem – I could eat a bag in a sitting. Luckily bags over there are smaller, but STILL.

The next is the Kit Kat. Yes, we have those here. And I love them. But they’re made with milk chocolate – respectable, but not fabulous. However, in the UK, they have Kit Kat made with DARK CHOCOLATE. Oh sweetness and light, they are phenomenal. There’s also an orange variety that I still haven’t tried.

After that comes the Cadbury chocolates. In the US, Cadbury is made by either Hershey or Nestle, but in the UK, they’re made by Cadbury. And there’s a difference. That difference? Year-round availability of creme egg filling. They had the actual creme eggs when I was there, since Easter is a mere three months away, but they also have the Cadbury twist bar, with is a milk chocolate bar with creme egg filling. It’s so sweet, and perfect for restoring some of your energy after wandering the streets of London.

Finally, we come to the Jaffa cake. Now, these are available in the US, if you live in a place like Bay Ridge, with a big Irish community and can make it to a specialty grocery store. Paula was kind enough to get me some for my birthday. They sound nasty – stale-ish orange cake, with this quarter-sized orange gelee on top, and 1/2 covered in dark chocolate. But the burst in the mouth? Totally amazing.

Oh, France had good stuff too. But you all know about how amazing their wine, and soup, and pastries and sandwiches are.


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