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February 2009




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Friday I hopped onto a red-eye Virgin Atlantic flight from New York City to Heathrow. A 747-400 – man, that is such a hug plane. Two floors. A section called (I kid you not) Upper Class. Fancy pillows and blankets, and a bar you can sit at during the flight. I was in the cattle section, but I had a whole row to myself. I didn’t sleep, but at least I could stretch out.

Kate and Richard met me at Heathrow, and I returned her wooden spoon as requested when she moved. Then we hopped in the car and headed off to Windsor Castle. But first, I was greeted with a goody bag – Walkers Thai Spice Crisps, a Cadbury Twist bar, and JAFFA CAKES.

Windsor Castle is so huge. And interesting. But I have to say something was creepy about the weapons rooms, and all the items that the audio tour euphemistically referred to as having been “acquired” over the years. Or, y’know, pillaged. Stolen. Taken.

After a pub lunch (mmmm, potatoes) we headed back to East London – Isle of Dogs, to be exact. Kate and Richard wouldn’t let me fall asleep, which was great, because if they had, I would have been out. I stayed up until about 10, which kicked me into the London time zone with very little jet lag.

Sunday we were greeted with a lot of rain, so after a quick trip to see the Thames River Flood barrier, we headed into town to see the Natural History Museum. They have great exhibits on the earth – lava, volcanoes, earthquakes, gems. Really cool stuff.

Monday Kate was pretty sick, so we decided to take a trip on a London double-decker bus tour around town. It may be a bit expensive, and kind of cheesy, but I have to say that it really helped me see the city. And with the nuggets of history the tour shares, it gives a great overview. 

Monday night we turned in early, because Tuesday was to bring . . . Paris!

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