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August 2009



Favorite Things – NYC Edition

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Since I’m about to leave NYC, I thought I’d take a minute to get down in print some of my best times in the City. I suppose I could have gotten all introspective and such, but this is more fun.

So, here are my favorites from the past seven years:

Post-class ritual: Beer and a Baked Potato at Swift with Perry and Allegra
Test-taking moment: Finance midterm moments after a huge fight with a guy
Offensive speaker: The sexist graduation speaker who seemed to only think women are involved in public service
Saying by a classmate: “Sucks to be poor.” Close second: “The only way people will pay attention to recycling is if a big pile of recycleables falls on and crushes an old woman to death.”

Living Arrangements
Apartment: Park Slope studio 
Bitchy roommate moment: Lauren not letting Jamie and Dan stay in our shared studio while I was in class even though it was pouring outside.
Mentally unstable roommate moment: Terence accusing me of stealing his liquor and withholding $50 from my security deposit for a broken salad plate
Sane, normal, fun rommate: Michelle

Theater-going experience: Seeing Hair in Central Park with Eric
Unintentionally hilarious theater-going experience: Pirate Queen
Museum exhibition: Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney
Concert (large scale): U2 at Madison Square Garden
Concert (small scale): 10-piece band – including saw – at the Museum of Modern Art
Political moment: Cheering with Jonathan, Herman and Kathleen when Obama was declared the winer

Coney Island moment: Crossing the finish line on the boardwalk after completing the Brooklyn half-marathon
Traditional beach moment: Summer Friday with Kathleen
Not-so-tradtional beach moment: Stuck at Jones Beach with John and Allegra for four hours trying to get home after the Blue Angels air show
Central Park moment: My first week of school, laying in Sheep’s meadow, studying and realizing I’d made it to NYC for real

Surreal day: Leading families into the ‘pit’ at the WTC site on the first anniversary of September 11
Unintentional humor: Instinctively crouching a bit when having my picture taken with the Mayor to make the height disparity less obvious (which lead to his comment that I’d go far in politics)
Job: The one I just left
Hardest, but ultimately right, decision: Not taking the job offered to me in Seattle last year
Moment that choked me up a little: Seeing how much effort Jonathan and Paula put into my good-bye party

Beach vacation: Puerto Rico with Allegra
Regular escape: Seattle
Annual visit: Stephanie coming to NYC every single year I lived here
Wedding in a place I’d never been: Kate and Richard in St. Louis
Tradition: Orphans Thanksgiving with Herman, Kathleen, Megan, Aaron and whomever else is in town

You’ve been good to me, New York. Thanks.

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