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August 2009



Why I Get to the Airport Crazy Early

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I usually take the air train to the airport. It’s great if you have the time and not a lot of baggage. This morning, since I’m moving, I took a car service so there would be space for my luggage. I got to the airport 2h 15m before my departure time.
It took me 10 minutes to get from the curb to the check-in line. The terminal was packed in a way I’d never seen. People were loaing their s–t. Yelling at staff, cutting in lines. I get being stressed that one might miss one’s flight, but calling people jerks and squealing generally has no impact on the flight’s departure. After 40 minutes in line I checked my bags and went to security. The line extended fully out past the snaking ropes to the deep recesses of the terminal. It moved quickly, but again people felt they were clearly the most important people there and thus had no need to wait in the line. I’d love it if the TSA folks would send them to the back if they catch people cutting. I feel like missing one’s flight due to being a jackass might prevent the activity in the future.
But I made it. I even got breakfast before running to the plane. California here I come.

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