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May 2007



Final Countdown

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Okay, a week from tonight, I hit the road, kids! And I can’t wait. Here’s the schedule so far . . . 

May 25-28 — Outside Oxford with John, Allegra and her parents

May 28-30 — London, staying with Richard

May 30-31 — London, with Vanessa coming down from Dublin to play for two days, staying at a hotel

May 31-June 2 — London, staying with Richard

June 2-3 — Galway

June 3-4 — Aran Islands (Inis Mor)

June 4-6 — Belfast

June 6-8 — Derry, Giants Causeway, Ballycastle

June 8-9 — Dublin with Vanessa

I cannot wait. I’ve finally started looking into what I want to do and see in London. I also found out my ATM/Debit card is set to expire in the middle of my trip, so I’m doing a bit of financial acrobatics to make sure the new one arrives on time.

I plan to update this sucker like I did last time when I get a chance, so if you’re interested, stay tuned (I might even be able to post some pics!!!)

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