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May 2007



Is there a Duke of Marlboro lights?

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I’m here! I’m sitting outside of a pub in Kingham, Oxfordshire. I left New York last night around 10 PM and had an uneventful flight direct to Dublin. This morning I made it through to a connection to Heathrow, and then hopped on a bus to a park ‘n ride outside of Oxford, where Allegra’s dad picked me up. There were some follies trying to connect (my text message from my blackberry didn’t hit her dad’s cell phone, and Sprint doesn’t have service agreements out here), but he ended up arriving only about 10 minutes after I did.

On the way to the cottage we drove past some charming villages, filled with all of these stone buildings that just scream English countryside. Then we arrived at the cottage. For real, it is straight out of a storybook. It has an actual thatched roof (I hear the fire insurance on those is a real pain). Inside, the ceiling is probably about 6’2″ at the highest point, so the bets are on as to who will hit themselves first going up or down the stairs.  

After I spent some time reading a bit and just unwinding, Allegra and John arrived from their day out having adventures, and we walked the five minutes down the lane to the pub, where we are now.  

I’ve only been here for a couple of hours, but I am in vacation mode. It’s relaxing, it’s calm, and frankly, even with what would usually be stressful travel (making connections, catching a bus, etc), I feel like “eh, it’ll work out.” I so hope that I can hold onto that frame of mind because DAMN, it’s awesome.

More later.

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