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September 2009



Friday Culture

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I got about five hours of sleep Thursday night, so I was tired but not horribly exhausted today. I decided it was a day to explore a bit, so I wandered over to Brick Lane, which is known in the states as the place for good Indian food in London. It is not, however, known for that in London. Apparently the curries there are really not so good. But it does have a ton of funky stores, including at least a half-dozen vintage shops. It is also quite near an art house film theatre, so I did finally get to see “The September Issue.” I recommend it – Anna Wintour doesn’t come off like a horrible person, in my opinion, and it is interesting to learn about all that goes into putting together a magazine like that.

I stopped off at a local cafe for some very good hot chocolate, then went to Trafalgar Square to meet up with Kate and Richard. We wandered the National Gallery for awhile, then got some italian food nearby. I had a glass of wine, and that nearly did me in. They helped me figure out a good bus to take back home, and I was actually able to fall asleep before midnigh, and not wake up again until 8! I may actually be on London time now. We’ll see . . . 

This morning I ran about 10 miles, mostly along the Thames. It’s a gorgeous day, one that is just begging for me to go out and play, so I’d best be off!

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