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June 2008



Good-bye Manhattan, hello Brooklyn!

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My walls are bare. All of my clothing is in garbage bags and suitcases. My files weigh a lot more than I thought. And I’m feeling all sentimental . . . which is nothing new. So, as I get a little sad about leaving, I thought I’d remind myself of what I’m getting in return.

Losing: 400+ square feet that I have to hike five flights to access.

Gaining: A huge closet.

Losing: A 10-minute walk to Central Park.

Gaining: A two-minute walk to Prospect Park.

Losing: An amazing roommate.

Gaining: A former roommate in North Carolina who I can go visit.

Losing: 15 minutes of reading time each way on three trains.

Gaining: An extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning and 15 minutes in the park at night.

Losing: A real refrigerator

Gaining: Access to a great food co-op.

Losing: The ability to ask my roommate a question late at night . . . through the wall separating our rooms.

Gaining: The ability to sing along (loudly) to my favorite songs without bugging anyone.

Losing: a half-dozen movie theaters within walking distance.

Gaining: a half-dozen friends within walking distance.

That last one sums it up – I’m so excited. This is very, very good.

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