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June 2008



I’m in!

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It’s been a long week, but I made it. I’m in my new digs in the Slope. I love my neighborhood, my street, my building, and my apartment.


The movers arrived right on time, and took about an hour to load everything up. My (now former) roommate was kind and offered to come out to the place with me to help unpack! We got to the apartment a bit before the movers, but then they came and unloaded everything really quickly. Then Michelle and I got to work – she is a master at unpacking. We were done unloading all of the boxes and putting all non-clothing items away in less than an hour. 


We got brunch, then she came back and took away the boxes to use for her own move. I continued unpacking, and was soon joined by Jon Mark, and later John and Allegra. Now I’m seriously completely unpacked. Everything is put away, and all I’m missing is the couch, which should be delivered between 8AM and 1PM tomorrow. I still need to hit Target at some point to get those kitchen things like a pasta strainer and a dish dryer, but otherwise I’m all set!


This neighborhood is great. There’s so much to explore – I can’t wait to spend an evening wandering. I would have tonight, but there have been crazy thunderstorms on and off since 4 PM.

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