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July 2009



Independence Day

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The City was kind enough to give me Friday the 3rd off, so I did what seemed most American – met a friend for BBQ and then visited the USS Intrepid museum. It was a great afternoon – I’d been to the Intrepid in 1996 with my family but hadn’t been back since the rennovation. We went in the Growler submarine (at least, I think that was its name), which was so tiny. We also walked through the Concorde, which was much less fancy than I thought it would be. It feels like a smaller version of an Embraer that jetBlue flies on short hauls.

Today I had one of my more relaxing and fun Independence Days. After a good nine-mile run this morning in the park I met up with Jonathan for brunch. Then it was off to the Apple store, where they were able to replace my broken iPod Shuffle and sell me a back-up hard drive (a project for tomorrow). I finished packing up a box, and then went to meet up with Herman, Kathleen, Megan, Aaron and Alli for drinks and dinner at an outdoor bar. We finished up just in time to go back to Megan and Aaron’s roof to catch a bunch of the fireworks shows going off across New York and New Jersey. It was a very short walk home to my place, but I still managed to see a few rogue fireworks on my way home.

Summer is definitely in full swing, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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