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July 2009



A visit from my sister

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Stephanie and her boyfriend Jimmy are in town right now. They arrived Tuesday evening and are staying with me. I’m having a great time; the only bummer is that they leave Friday morning. 

Wednesday we had a crazy full day. We walked along the High Line, which just opened last month. It’s a repurposed elevated train bed now being used as a public park. It’s amazingly well landscaped – it feels like a desert with some great plants. There are huge wooden lounge chairs, benches, and cool architecture. It’s only about seven blocks of park, but more will open later.

After the High Line we visited Chelsea Market. So much yummy food. And four different bakeries, two of which have cupcakes. Heaven.

A quick train ride up to Columbus Circle took us to Central Park. We wandered up to Bethesda Fountain, and I remembered that I’ve been wanting to go out in a rowboat on the lake forever but never done it. Since it was early afternoon on a week day, there was no wait. It’s only $12 for the first hour for a boat of up to four people, and only three dollars each additional hour. It was so, so, so much fun. It’s a really different perspective of one of my favorite places in NYC.

After an hour on the water (getting a little crispy) we walked over to Serendipity III, and again benefitted from the date and timing of our visit with just under a 10 minute wait. Nachos and a famous frrrrrrozen hot chocolate refueled us for a quick stop in Dylan’s Candy Bar followed by a two-mile walk down Fifth Avenue to the Empire State building. Did you now you can go to the 102nd floor now? It’s $35 instead of $20, so we passed. But if any other friends visit and want to go, I may do it.

We ended the day with drinks at Vol de Nuit in the Village.

I’m exhausted. But it was so much fun.

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