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May 2008



It keeps getting better

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So, I’m in the midst of a kind of awesome ‘crisis’ – the kind where the future is wide open, options seem endless, and things are looking up. I appear to have some choices – stay in NYC and redesign my current job to make a difference in the agency, or move to a new job and really contribute to Seattle.  

And I’m totally terrified. But when I take a few breaths and calm down, I do realize that my life for the past 28 years has been pretty great, and I’ve been making those decisions just fine.  

I have a couple of friends I have really talked to about this (thanks Kate and Jon Mark, and of course Stephanie), and I really appreciate how wonderful they’ve been. I’m worried I’m creating drama, but tonight someone pointed out that it was okay and I’m not really creating drama – these are kind of big decisions I have to make. It’s okay to be worried about this. I don’t need other people to reassure me, but at the same time – it’s kind of nice to know that at least someone else doesn’t think I’m off my rocker.

But to add to the bizarreness I’m feeling this week – I got an email today from another job I applied for. It was awhile ago, and while I hadn’t forgotten about it, I wasn’t really thinking of it. But – I have an interview! Oh, and one other thing . . . it’s for a job in IRELAND.

What? I know. Bizarre, right? While I’d love to fly out to Galway for the interview, I’m going to see if I’m someone they are seriously considering, or if I’m, you know, filling a quota of people to interview. Maybe they can talk to me over the phone?

Things really are quite good. I’m just having a week of the unexpected. New friends, new job opportunities, new choices.

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