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May 2008



It’s so cold, and so rainy, but SO AWESOME

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Last night a couple of friends and I did something uniquely NYC. We participated in an Improv Everywhere event. You may have heard of them – they are responsible for Frozen Grand Central and another 70 or so entertaining ‘pranks’.  

At 9 PM we went over and joined a few hundred of our closest (mostly hipster) friends to await our mission. It was raining steadily – the rain would not stop. We were told our mission: a flash wave from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. We filed across the Brooklyn Bridge and lined up single file from end to end, which in itself is kind of cool. We were up there for probably an hour in the pouring rain.

It was so much fun. It was so cold, and so wet, and so windy, but so fun. I laughed myself hoarse, and got to know the people I was with better.

Video Proof!

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