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May 2010



Job search

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So, I’ve started my job search for Seattle. I’ve only applied for three jobs. One was kind of my dream job – one I’m perfectly qualified for, that is a good salary, and just fit. But I didn’t get an interview.

Another was with a place I’d applied in the past an didn’t get an interview. No interview again. This one stings because I believe I’m overqualified for it. I’m trying to look at it from a good perspective – that the reason I didn’t get an interview is precisely because I am overqualified, and that someone who is just starting out in their career will get the job. But it still stings.

It’s only two denials, and I am not complaining – that would be ridiculous in this economy. Especially as I don’t need a job right now – I need one in the fall. I’m in London, and the jobs are in Seattle. It’s just a reminder of what I’ve known since I quit my very adequate job last year: this is not going to be easy. But it will work out.

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