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May 2010



Mmm. Potato Crisps

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I’ll call them ‘crisps’ for now just because I’m in England and that’s what they call it.

Anyway, Walkers is doing this promotion timed to the World Cup (although they aren’t technically sponsors) where they introduce 15 new flavors, one for each of 15 countries. Yesterday on a picnic I had a chance to try a few:

Spain’s Chicken Paella – Interesting, with a strong bell pepper finish
Italy’s Spaghetti Bolognese – Odd. Crunch spaghetti? Just odd.
USA’s Cheeseburger – SO GOOD. I could eat a full-size bag all by myself
Australia’s BBQ Kangaroo – Not good. It didn’t taste like what I think of as BBQ.
French Garlic Baguette – Like boursin cheese in crisp form

There are ten other flavors for me to taste, including:

Wales Rarebit
Argentina Flame Grilled Steak
Brazil Salsa
Netherlands Edam Cheese
England Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Germany Bratwurst Sausage
Ireland Stew
Japan Teriyaki Chicken
Scotland Haggis
South Africa Sweet Chutney

I really want to taste the Salsa and Teriyaki Chicken Flavors. I think I’ll pass on Haggis.

You can learn more about it here.

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