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June 2017



My Year In Books: The Halfway Point

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I mostly pick my own books; I’ll occasionally go with a recommendation, or someone will buy me a book. This year I also participated in Seattle Indie Bookstore day, which meant I got a few unknown books thanks to grab bags and such.

The good news: No one-star books this year. And more four-star than three- and two-star ratings combined. Nearly 20% of the books have the coveted five-star rating. The average is 3.76. Sweet.


Once again it is no surprise that I keep coming back to non-fiction books.

I don’t know what it is. I’m just drawn to non-fiction books more often.

Style or Genre

Ah, memoir. You, combined with essays and sociology books could keep me happy for years. (The styles you can’t see include Young Adult, Science Fiction, Science, Humor, Health, Etiquette, and Biography.)


This is where I’m trying more to focus on diversity in the authors I’m reading.

I’ve got the gender thing down mostly well (no non-binary authors though):

Nationality is still heavily USA-focused (boo):

In terms of race and ethnicity, I’ve got a slightly better breakdown than in years past:

That said, it should not still be majority white.

And finally, I decided to see how it broke down by gender and race / ethnicity:

No Native writers at all. No Middle Eastern Men, no Latina Women. Not great.

I have, however, been mostly good at sticking to my goal of not reading two white authors in a row.

Alright, back to reading!

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