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October 2014



New Orleans Day 3 – So Much Deliciousness

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Today was a wandering day. We managed to get brunch at this fairly small place called Cafe Soule. Really great Louisiana / French food. So good. We explored the French Quarter a bit more, then found a very cute dress shop. Damage was done. Next up was Carousel Bar, where I got to taste a Ramos Gin Fizz (sorry bartender). It was pretty good, although too flowery for my palate.

Dinner was the highlight of the day. We ate at Commander’s Palace, which is known for being just fantastic. And it was. It was a leisurely dinner with fantastic service, great drinks and even better food. It’s a huge place and clearly the kind of restaurant where people go to celebrate anniversaries and such. Afterwards we wandered our neighborhood some more, stopping for a drink by Jackson Square, then popping into a jazz club for a couple of sets. Sunday night, 11 P.M. and it felt like a Saturday night at 10 P.M. anywhere else. Apparently they have to close Bourbon Street to traffic every single night. Fascinating.

We have nearly two full days left, and we have a lot on the schedule. A couple of museums and a steamboat ride are in our future

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