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October 2014



What I’m Reading – October 5, 2014

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– “A critical form was never filed at all, while others are kept out of public sight, hidden behind dubious bureaucratic procedures and exorbitant and apparently arbitrary fees that seem to have been put in place with the sole purpose of keeping the details of the incident on Canfield Drive a secret.” Ferguson Officials Aren’t Telling You What Happened to Mike Brown (h/t @ShaunKing)


– “We find it easy to talk about crime, especially crime as a problem within our larger society, when we have a black person in the role of perpetrator. It’s comfortable for us.” The NFL’s Domestic Violence Problem and Our Race Problem (via @scATX)

– “What Husain Abdullah did was not “unsportsmanlike.” It was a brief, personal moment between himself and the higher power he believes in.” Husain Abdullah was penalized for … praying? (via @SBNation)

Women’s Health

– “I want every single person who wants and/or needs an abortion to be able to get one, easily and safely. And that makes me pro-abortion.” You Really Got Me (via @Shakestweetz)

– “What most people don’t understand is that these donations are really more of a base marketing cost towards a campaign to make headway into the demographic of women ages 18-54, with what little actually donated to the cause being spent lining the pockets of executives at Komen.” Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A Marketing Scam (via @ParkerMolloy)

Gender and Sexuality

– “The new law clearly outlines that a defendant’s discomfort with, suprise at, or fear of a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity may not be used as a legal defense to justify the assault.” California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans ‘Panic’ Defenses (h/t @ParkerMolloy)

– “The Transgender Law Center, which was also represented at that meeting, said in a separate statement that Facebook should “establish clear and easy procedures for users to appeal account suspension” and eliminate a requirement that users show forms of identification before opening accounts.” Facebook apologizes to LGBT users, reverses ground on ‘real name’ policy (h/t @EWDolan)


– “If we’re making 12-year-olds, much less five-year-olds, do homework, it’s either because we’re misinformed about what the evidence says or because we think kids ought to have to do homework despite what the evidence says.” Homework: An unnecessary evil? … Surprising findings from new research (h/t @mims)

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