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June 2009



Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

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Huh. Weird. I was watching the evening news, and they mention he’d been taken to the hospital. Then, CNN sent out a few contradictory “breaking news” e-mails (some intern was fired, I’m sure). Then, confirmation that he was dead.

First off, I think the man had serious mental issues. And I believe it is entirely possible that he molested children. To not acknowledge that would be disingenuous.

I really enjoyed his music. He had a lot of talent. It’s weird when these people die early. Tonight I was having dinner with a old boyfriend, and we were discussing the fact that our first date took place the day Princess Diana died. Tonight was the last time we’ll probably see each other in NYC, and yet another world-famous person has died unexpectedly. Book ends, to a degree.

Is it wrong that one of my early thoughts was “huh, I hope this means Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and George’s widow can now buy back the Beatle’s catalogue from his estate.” That’s probably not such a cool place for my mind to go. 

It’s sad.

It’s also really sad that Farrah Fawcet died, and today will now be known as the day Michael Jackson died. Although maybe it means her family will be left in peace for awhile. The poor Jackson family – they may be screwed up, but I feel for them both for their loss and because no one’s going to leave them alone for so long. Grief is hard enough; I can’t imagine doing it with cameras and the world watching.

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