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June 2009



Confederations Cup

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Today work was busy-ish. I had a lot of meetings, but none too painful. I watched the live text on BBC of the Spain-USA match, and was sent a link so I could watch the last 10 minutes online. So good!

 I really enjoy football (American and world), so these tournaments are a treat. And tonight I met up with a friend to watch the replay at Nevada Smith’s. The crowd was loud and happy and cheering along, which was so fun. I love those communal experiences.

 I’m feeling a little off my game, though, and wonder if I’m getting sick. I hope not – I have a busy few days. I’m most excited to be going to hear jazz at The Carlyle Saturday night. It’s supposed to be a total throwback to another era, and you know how I love the 40s and any time period I can totally over-romanticize. Good times!

 And don’t forget – Sunday is the Confederations Cup final, with USA and either Brazil or South Africa. 2:30 eastern. Go USA!

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