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October 2012



Real Food Week Seven and OH MY GOD NYC WHAT THE HELL

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So, first, the easy stuff. Last week was our 100% whole grains only week and it was interesting. Really challenging, but something we’re going to try to keep up. I failed on Saturday with a ginger cookie from Whole Foods; Austin had mac and cheese at a restaurant Friday night. It’s frustratingly hard to find anything 100% whole grain if you aren’t enjoying some fresh corn tortillas or popcorn. I did make the whole spelt pumpkin muffins again so I could have a yummy breakfast treat this week, and bought a ginormous package of 100% whole wheat flour to use in all my baking this fall. Sure, there will be sugar, but there will be fiber.

This week we’re to stop eating before we feel full to give our brains some time to catch up. That is definitely a challenge for me and the flip side, only eating when actually hungry. I snack mindlessly ALL THE TIME so this should be a good, challenging week. Especially with Halloween on Wednesday. Can I avoid eating multiple pieces of candy? We shall see …

But my real focus today, most all day, has been on NYC. I miss my friends there. We’re supposed to fly out there on Thursday night, but with each shocking picture of water pouring into some new construction site or subway station, it seems less and less likely. I’m happy I no longer work the 15-hour shifts of an OEM activation (although I’ve never experienced anything like they’re working right now), but I’m still finding it hard to close the twitter window and not flip between the 49ers game and the updates on MSNBC. It seems like a pretty crazy night so I just want to say I’m thinking of you all and I hope that by mid-day Tuesday, when the second high tide has crested and fallen, the damage is worse than we imagine.

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