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October 2012



Week 6 Wrap-Up … and a break

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This food challenge is getting tough. We did keep up with the last week – nothing light or low fat – and we’re going to keep it up. But we’re both a bit pooped, and we are taking this week off. The next challenge is 100% whole grain, and with us travelling through Monday, Austin sick and wanting to eat Ramen and such, I just don’t want to half-ass it. I’d like us to actually make that shift for real (not just a week), and right now we are just not ready. So tonight we had whole grain pasta … and some yummy sourdough made with white flour.

Baby steps.

Hopefully we’ll be back next week and continuing on, because  for the most part, we’ve actually managed to keep up with the other changes. I’ve gotten to a point where I get really annoyed with myself when I don’t have my two fruits/veggies at each meal, and I’m much more conscious of my meat choices (and we were pretty tuned to that even before this challenge). I’m slipping up a bit with the beverages: there were A LOT of hot chocolates last week. But still no soda (diet or otherwise), and that was a habit I thought would be much harder to break.

Back next week with a plan for the challenge, I hope.

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