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June 2009



Seattle – Day 3

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This morning I was running on about three hours sleep. I headed up to Phinney Ridge for a day with the Jamie, Jesse and Mike, and we packed it full. We got gyros at Mr. Gyro – really excellent food. I also saw the Space Supply Store – we have a Super Hero Supply Store in Brooklyn, and both are actually writing workshops put on by Dave Eggers. I didn’t know that – love learning something new every day.

We went to the Seattle Aquarium. The octopus was kind of disgusting and odd, but the sea mammals were adorable. So cute (some pictures are on this site as well). Then we stopped home for a quick baby change, and then were off to the Woodland Park Zoo. We saw the new penguin exhibit and a couple of bears. As well as some drug paraphenelia. Didn’t know that the Sloth Bear exhibit was a big place for doing heroin. Huh.

This evening we enjoyed fresh fish tacos out in the backyard, in the warm sun. 

This is really an amazing trip. I’m exhausted but enjoying every minute of it.

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