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June 2009



Seattle – Day 4

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I rode a motorcycle.

 Tuesday was, as the theme seems to be, excellent. Started with an early morning hanging out with the baby, then a run around Green lake – which, by the way, always surprises me with how big it actually is.

 My friend Jason and I then met for cocoa. Literally met. Well, we’d allegedly met in college, although I don’t recall (reflects poorly on me, not him!). Anyway, after a few months of emails we were finally in the same city at the same time, and of course had to meet up to debrief on his recent half-marathon experience.

 I headed back up north and met up with J. He has a motorcycle and said he’d give me a ride. Assuming I didn’t freak out at first. I’ve always thought they were a bad idea. But now? Dude. So fun. We went down through the city and out to Alki. It was a sunny, lovely day, and being a weekday it wasn’t packed. The ride out and back was great, as was the hour or so we got to spend just hanging out enjoying the view.

 Then, I headed way north (to Bothell, which my friend has now said seems to be a euphemism for really anything between north Seattle and Canada) to meet up with Reagan and Lon for a relaxing evening. Seriously – it was great. We went out for dinner, then watched “Extras.” I’d seen the Orlando Bloom one and had forgotten how funny he is in it. Still makes me cringe though.

 Usually by now I’m on a plane back to NYC (likely a red-eye). It’s so nice to be able to just enjoy my time here with my friends and not be racing around. The days are full but not frenzied. I haven’t looked at a school book since Sunday morning, but that’s okay. Plenty of time for that when I get back to NYC…

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