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April 2010



Spring Break Part IV – Kentucky

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When I got to the airport Thursday I checked on my flight to see if the upgrade I requested had any chance of coming through. The gentleman at the counter was very kind, but replied “upgrade? Honey, we’re going to have to downgrade people.” The volcano had erupted the night before, and all flights to London were suspended. My flight to Chicago was meant to continue on to London, so they changed planes to avoid flying such a large one a relatively short distance. Unfortunately, that meant that nearly 20 people were left behind. I was not one of them however, and I made my way to Louisville and met Justin, who picked me up as he drove in from DC. We later picked up his girlfriend Vanessa, in on a later flight. We stayed over in Louisville and crashed at an airport hotel.

The next morning we drove to Lexington, before first stopping at a waffle house. The staff was nice, although we felt a bit out of place as we were dressed for the races and thus done up a bit more than the Waffle House crowd. Our server was nice, although when she brought Vanessa her chocolate milk, she asked if she wanted sugar or Splenda for it. Hmm…

We checked into the hotel and then went on the Keeneland for the races and met up with the bride and groom, Herman and Kathleen. They seemed great – so relaxed and happy. Friends of theirs have a box at the races, so we all gathered there, placing bets, some of us even winning money! That evening we gathered at Kathleen’s family farm for a BBQ. It was so great to see so many of my NYC friends!

Saturday started well – Erin, Bonnie, Kathleen and I (the original half-marathoners) met at the farm for a morning 5-mile run. It was such a great way to start the day. I was meant to go on a bourbon tour, but spent some time on the phone to my airline checking on my flight. That afternoon we headed out to the farm on a shuttle bus provided.

The ceremony was so beautiful. Kathleen looked utterly gorgeous, and Herman was cool as a cucumber. The readings were great, the weather was absolute perfection, and it was just … wow. Not over the top, and suiting them both so well. The tent for the reception was decorated with flowers from neighboring gardens, and lovely spring colors. The NYC folks were seated near the dance floor, as was appropriate. The food was delicious – all manner of amazing southern delicacies, plus red velvet cupcakes, including gluten-free ones for Jonathan (my wonder twin and date for the evening). We danced into the night, having such a great time. It was another wonderful wedding, and I’m so excited for the happy couple!

In the midst of all of this, I learned that my flight home to London was cancelled. Yikes. We figured out that I would hitch a ride to DC with Justin and Vanessa, staying there for a couple of nights, then take a bus up to NYC and stay in Herman and Kathleen’s apartment, where I am now, as they are on their two-week honeymoon. Sunday I’ll take a bus back down to DC, where hopefully I’ll take a flight out of Dulles Monday night and back to London, just eight days late. It seems like air space is open now, so hopefully by next Monday I’ll be all set! Pictures of all adventures will follow as soon as I can get them off of my camera …

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