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April 2015



The Whole 30 by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig

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Four Stars

Wait, didn’t I just review this book?


So just this week, the “It Starts with Food” authors released a slightly more and slightly less comprehensive guide to their elimination diet program. In this section they have less detail than their previous book, but they make for it with a fairly intensive FAQ section. And then, the best part …

Cookbook! I am not a cook. I’m a baker, which really just means that I like sweets so much I want an excuse to eat them in their uncooked and cooked forms. But with dinner, I’m usually limited to making pasta and steaming vegetables. And meat? Yeah. I’ve never really been good at cooking anything beyond this one pork tenderloin recipe and this one chicken enchilada recipe (and even the latter involved a crap ton of checking the internet for how to boil chicken breasts).

So, in addition to sorting out some of my less than health food choices, I’m going to be learning how to cook over the next month, with the help of this lovely, simple cookbook. Seriously, while some recipes do require prep or overnight marinating, none of them caused me to balk or laugh as I turned the page. I think that’s the sign of a good cookbook (for me, anyway) – dishes that appeal to me that won’t cause me to give up halfway through or that won’t mean dinner starts at 10 P.M. because it took so long to prepare.

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