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June 2009



Visa – it’s everywhere I want to be. I think

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I submitted my visa application today. You have to apply online, apparently, if you live in the US. I screwed up by applying more than three months prior to when I want to arrive, which means I may get it approved by have to get there by September 16. Which is about eight days early. But I’m sure I could figure something out. And I have a bunch of documents I have to send, but it isn’t entirely clear to me exactly what they are. I’m waiting for a letter from the loan folks (should get it tomorrow), and I have a letter from my school. Every site says something different, and the UK visa site might as well be written in greek, because I can’t make heads or tails of it. Gotta figure it out in the next week, though, as my biometrics appointment is in early July.

I did get great news this morning though – I got my official housing offer, and I’ll be living in a one bedroom that is bigger than my NYC apartment by half, AND costs just about the same as I’m paying now. I’m really excited about it. As long as I don’t get denied the visa, things are falling into place.

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