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June 2009



Figuring it out

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Okay. So, I’m now sure that I did not accidentally apply for access to the US, but that was, no joke, a moment of panic for me last night. The proper response to my admission of this fear to friends was “so you can get into LSE, but can’t figure out the visa application? Huh.”

This morning, however, I was able to decipher what I need to do to complete the visa application, and have all but one of the documents ready. Oh, Sallie Mae, in a perfect world “print Visa letter” would be an option from your approved loan website. 

My last day at work will be August 4. I have at least two, possibly three visitors coming in the next six weeks. I have to ship home a bunch of stuff, and figure out to where I can ship things in London at the end of August so that I have it all there when I arrive and don’t need to ship it to California and then back to London. That just seems wasteful.

I’ll probably be back in California from August 6-14, and then come back to NYC, since I have the half-marathon on the 16th. Then I’ll have a week or so to clean out the rest of my apartment, then it’s back to California for good. Then hopefully up to Seattle from September 3-10 or 11, and back to the Bay Area until I leave for London on the 22nd or 23rd.

Lots of travelling, but that seems to be what I do best. So really I have about eight total weeks left in NYC, to live it up. I plan to have a blast (I’ve been doing it for seven years, so no need to stop now), but it’s weird to think this is my last summer here! I mean, one never knows what will come to pass, but right now I plan to spend 12 months in London and then move straight from London to Seattle. Ideally with a good job, or some plans for the next step.

I realize for the three of you who read this some of these posts may seem a little . . . well, lame. But I’ve stopped keeping a journal (too tired to write most evenings), and I figure getting this all out in print somewhere is a good thing. Why not on the interwebs, right? Don’t worry – the next post will rock.

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