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September 2012



Week 2 Real Food Results and Week 3 Challenge

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Well, we survived Disneyland. And not just Disneyland, but Disneyland in 108 degree heat. And we did it while (mostly) sticking to the week two direction: natural beverages. The website framed it as limiting beverages to water, coffee, tea, milk, and wine, plus one glass of juice at some point during the week. Since her reasoning was based on Michael Pollan’s discussion of alcohol in general, we decided to keep beer and spirits in there as well. And we were primarily successful. Except for the strawberry margarita I had on Friday night, our drinks fit the bill. And I survived not having diet coke after diet coke in the crazy heat.

Going forward, I think I am going to stick with this one, with a couple of exceptions. The first being I can have a hot chocolate every week or two. Yes, it’s basically sugar with some milk thrown in, but I do love it. And one every 7-14 days is a lot better than … daily. Yikes. I think sticking with alcohol beverages that aren’t mixed with fake or heavily sugared drinks is also the plan going forward, but I also recognize that, on occasion, I’m going to have a daiquiri. And it will be super yummy.

We also managed to keep up the two fruits or veggies at each meal from week one! We were able to find salads and fresh fruit at Disneyland, and the only real failure was Sunday night after our flight back. The pot stickers WERE vegetarian, but still. No veggie or fruit side.

The challenge this week? Limit you meat to local, limit it to 3-4 meals total, and don’t make it the centerpiece of your meal. Well, it’s Tuesday, and I’ve already (I think) failed on the local front. But in my defense … I had a tasting for our wedding yesterday, and one of the items isn’t usually locally sourced. As I did actually want to taste what we’ll be serving our guests, I didn’t pass on it. But the rest of the week shouldn’t be a problem, since we aren’t big meat eaters in the first place, and it’ll be fun to be that person asking wait staff if the chicken eats hazelnuts.

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