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October 2012



Week 4 Real Food Wrap Up and Week 5 Task

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A busy week full of MOSTLY successful real food choices. Week 4’s task was to avoid fast food and deep fried food. We both really had no problem avoiding fast food, but the fried food was a challenge, and one that we both accepted we would not fully meet this week. While we managed to stay away from the chips when going out for Mexican food, the mini tostada amuse bouche we were greeted with Saturday during the day was consumed (and yummy). We also partook of the plantain chips at Marjorie, a fantastic restaurant in south Capitol Hill. It’s their specialty, and frankly the kind of thing I’m not about to pass up (moderation and all). But it was a really good challenge in trying to either find substitutions for fried options at restaurants or just avoiding them.

In addition to each new challenge have also continued with the increase in fresh fruits and vegetables, limited beverages, and not making meat the big center of the meal. Local meat is hard but organic and naturally raised is the goal for us. I’m especially not entirely sorry about not always choosing ‘local’, after some interesting discussion of it in Singer’s Ethics of What We Eat.

So, this week is sort of a break. The goal is to try two new whole foods. We’ve already got one in the fridge: kiwi berries. A new fruit? SCORE! But as for the other – I’m thinking eggplant for me. I’ve complained about not liking it but I can’t actually remember ever eating it. We’ll probably need to find another one so Austin has a new choice too.

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