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August 2019



What I’m Reading – 11 August 2019

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US Immigration Policy

“He was a member of the Chaldean Catholic minority, many of whose members fled Iraq following the second U.S. invasion. He did not speak Arabic and had never been to Iraq. But when he encountered legal issues in the United States, which his lawyer attributed to his his mental health issues including paranoid schizophrenia, he was deported to Iraq by the Trump Administration. Now Aldaoud is dead, according to a Facebook post by his lawyer, who said he likely died because he could not obtain insulin in Iraq to treat his diabetes.” ICE Deported a Man to a Place He’d Never Lived. Now He’s Dead (by Peter Wade for Rolling Stones)

“The ICE raids, carried out under the leadership of a Donald Trump-appointed US attorney, took place at seven food processing plants in six Mississippi cities. Photographs of crying children left distraught when their parents were taken into custody immediately went viral worldwide. Father Jeremy Tobin, a Catholic priest who works with the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (Mira), told the Guardian he had been flooded with worried calls and messages from immigrants, documented and undocumented alike.” Crying children and broken families: huge raids break immigrant communities (by Ashton Pittman for the Guardian)

Gun Violence

“One could have predicted that Bedoya was going to make some kind of on-field statement against the horrors that have become a part of daily life in this country. Before the game, Bedoya tweeted, “Seeing more thoughts and prayers bullshit. Words without actions are just worthless. America, it seems, is becoming a dystopian society. Do something!!! Enough!!!” After the contest, a 5-1 win for Philadelphia, Bedoya said to reporters, “I’m not going to sit idly and wait for things to happen 50 years from now—I want change now.” A Soccer Player’s On-Field Message to Congress: ‘Do Something Now. End Gun Violence. Let’s Go!’ (by Dave Zirin for The Nation)

White Supremacy and Nationalism

“We also have to begin to take seriously the role that cable is playing in spreading these keywords that are associated with these manifestos and so, one of the things that we’re noting in a pattern is that there’s a you know publication of the manifesto then there’s the attack and then there’s the cycle, the media cycle that the manifesto gets washed through. And what we’re noting is that there’s a lot more attention to these manifestos now than there ever was before.” How news organizations should cover white supremacist shootings, according to a media expert (PBS NewsHour)

“A Mineral County man has been charged with assault of a minor for slamming a child to the ground during the national anthem at the Mineral County fairgrounds. The 13-year-old boy was flown to Spokane after receiving temporal skull fractures in the incident that happened at the Mineral County Fairgorunds.” Montana man accused of assaulting child for not removing hat during national anthem (by Kent Luetzen for KBZK)


“But here’s a simple, grim fact about Brexit that has been successfully obscured by Johnson’s repetitive focus on the Halloween deadline. Brexit will not be “done” by October 31, 2019. Or 2020. Or 2030. In truth, Brexit will never be “done”. This is one of the many awful ironies of Brexit. The people selling and voting for it shared some desire to reduce the role of “Europe” in our national life. In fact, leaving will only increase the time and energy we spend considering and constructing our relationships with the European Union.” Leaving on October 31 won’t be the end of this. Brexit will never be over (by James Kirkup for Evening Standard)

US Presidential Election

“So much of Warren’s approach to pedagogy can be understood via the assumpsit gambit: With it, she establishes direct communication and affirms that she’s not going to be doing all the talking or all the thinking; she’s going to be hearing from everyone in the room. By starting with a question that so many get wrong but wind up learning the answer to, she’s also telegraphing that not knowing is part of the process of learning.” Elizabeth Warren’s Classroom Strategy (by Rebecca Traister for The Cut)

“Indigenous people have been continually subject to cruelty and neglect at the hands of the federal government. We deserve a president who will strengthen tribal sovereignty, honor treaty commitments, ensure justice for Indigenous women, and advance tribal-federal partnerships for progress. As president, I will partner with Indigenous communities for a fairer and more prosperous future. My People First Indigenous Communities platform lays out a blueprint for ensuring all native people and communities can thrive in the years ahead.” People First Indigenous Communities Policy (by Julián Castro)

Something Good (Especially for those who have lived in NYC):

This is an impression of when you’re sitting on the subway and a tourist tries to read the subway map that’s right behind your head.

Long time fan, first time caller with the other side of this exchange.

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