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August 2019



What I’m Reading – August 18 2019

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Call to Action

“The Trump-Pence Administration has truly outdone itself. Their latest proposal at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) seeks to strip away explicit healthcare protections on the basis of gender identity, effectively targeting transgender and gender non-conforming people’s access to critical care. Erasing these protections is not only discriminatory but against the public health and the mission of HHS.” Tell HHS you are NOT OK with Discrimination

Tr*mp Hatred of Immigrants

“The rule means many green card and visa applicants could be turned down if they have low incomes or little education, and have used benefits such as most forms of Medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers, because they’d be deemed more likely to need government assistance in the future.” Trump admin announces rule that could limit legal immigration over use of public benefits (by Priscilla Alvarez, Geneva Sands and Tami Luhby for CNN)


“Greenwell said Friday that she feels “heartbroken” about leaving and that, while she does not want to be seen as a victim, recent decisions by company brass left her with few options. Among the many grievances, Greenwell said, G/O leadership refused to guarantee editorial independence for Deadspin and asked for the site to “stick to sports”—a long-running source of frustration for a staff that also covers media, politics, and culture beyond sports.” Deadspin Editor Quits, Rails Against Bosses: ‘I’ve Been Repeatedly Lied To and Gaslit’ (by Maxwell Tani for the Daily Beast)

“That elicited a reply from Live Science staff writer Rafi Letzter, who offered to provide Barstool workers info on the unionization process and explain “how little power your boss has to stop you.” Live Science’s staff is represented by the Writers Guild of America East. On Tuesday, Portnoy said he would fire anyone who attempted to contact Letzter. In response to another commenter, who claimed to be a lawyer offering pro-bono assistance to Barstool employees wanting to unionize, Portnoy wrote, “Anybody who hires this lawyer will be fired immediately and I will personally sue you for damages and back wages.”” Barstool Sports Founder Threatens to Fire Employees Engaged in Unionizing, Which Is Against the Law (by Todd Spangler for Variety)

Misogyny at Work

“I wish I could tell you that it’s gotten better. It hasn’t. Gamergate gave birth to a new kind of celebrity troll, men who made money and built their careers by destroying women’s reputations. It poisoned our politics and our society. Attacks on journalists, disinformation campaigns, the online radicalization of young men — these are depressingly familiar symptoms of our current dysfunction.” I Wish I Could Tell You It’s Gotten Better. It Hasn’t. (by Brianna Wu for the New York Times)

“We entered this week’s mediation with representatives of USSF full of hope,” the players’ spokesperson, Molly Levinson, said in a statement. “Today we must conclude these meetings sorely disappointed in the federation’s determination to perpetuate fundamentally discriminatory workplace conditions and behavior. It is clear that USSF, including its board of directors and president Carlos Cordeiro, fully intend to continue to compensate women players less than men. They will not succeed. We want all of our fans, sponsors, peers around the world, and women everywhere to know we are undaunted and will eagerly look forward to a jury trial.” After Breakdown in Mediation Talks, USWNT Lawsuit Likely Heading to Federal Court (by Grant Wahl for Sports Illustrated)

Reproductive Health

“Tens of thousands of women with CVS/Caremark pharmacy coverage could lose much-needed service through Pill Club.” CVS, don’t take away access to birth control (The Pill Club)


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