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September 2019



What I’m Reading – 8 September 2019

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My football (soccer) team’s Sunday league season starts today. WOOOOOOOOOO!


“But the two Chinese-born men at the center of the incident told BuzzFeed News it all began as a case of racial profiling. In their first media interview, the men said they did not know each other, did not run away, and that it was the airline employee who had been acting erratically.” What Caused The Mass Panic At Newark Airport? Racism. (by Amber Jamieson for Buzzfeed)


“Marjorie agreed to do the job for a flat rate of $160 per day plus room and board. Her workday starts when Bob wakes up, or before, and finishes after he goes to sleep, and can stretch for 14 or 16 hours or more. She works 26 or 27 days out of the month. The pay is not much — at 16 hours a day, it would come to $10 an hour — but Bob’s family is deeply grateful, and that counts for a lot.“If I take a client and I have the respect,” she said, “I will stay through to the end.”” On the Job, 24 Hours a Day, 27 Days a Month (by Andy Newman for the New York Times)

Anti-Trans Movements

“Last March, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in her favor. “It is analytically impossible to fire an employee based on that employee’s status as a transgender person without being motivated, at least in part, by the employee’s sex,” the court said in its decision. “An employer cannot discriminate on the basis of transgender status without imposing its stereotypical notions of how sexual organs and gender identity ought to align.”” The rise of anti-trans “radical” feminists, explained (by Katelyn Burns for Vox)

Something Good

WSL 2019-20: our club-by-club guide to the new season (Suzanne Wrack for The Guardian)

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