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April 2014



What I’m Reading – April 10, 2014

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With the sun shining in the Pacific Northwest things look good – until you read things on the internet. Oi.

– “But my hope does not override my realism” ‘You Owe It to Other Women’: Why You Don’t Owe it to Anyone Else to Report Your Rape (h/t @ChiefElk)

– Go Germany! Out of hours working banned by German labour ministry (h/t @stavvers)

– Equal pay – why the hell is that controversial? Obama To Sign Executive Orders On Equal Pay (h/t @AIsForOrg)

– “Contrasting thoughtless lady emotions with hardened male objectivity: It’s not just a trick your ex-boyfriend used to win arguments.” Michael Hayden Accuses Dianne Feinstein of Being Too “Emotional” to Judge CIA Interrogation Programs (h/t @RepresentPledge)

– PLEASE make sure you are vaccinated: Measles At A Rock Concert Goes Viral In A Bad Way (via @NPRNews)

– Oh, NCAA. The UConn Huskies Win ‘NCAA Hunger Games Bingo’ (via @EdgeOfSports)

– Yet another reason Rick Perry is the worst: Rick Perry Dodges Measures to Address the Prison Sexual Assault Crisis (via @MollyKnefel)

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