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April 2014



What I’m Reading – April 3, 2014

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I’ve spent the week in Atlanta, where it is sunny and hot. Seattle, what can you offer me by way of weather?

– Whoa. Pneumonic not bubonic? That’s news: Black death skeletons reveal pitiful life of 14th-century Londoners (h/t @andreagrimes)

– This writer started out on one of my favorite sites. It’s cool to see what she’s writing on now: Why It Matters When Asian Women Leave TV Shows (via @jowrotethis)

– What in the ever loving fuck: One Percenter Convicted Of Raping Child Dodges Jail Because He ‘Will Not Fare Well’ (h/t @schemaly)

– One of the writers left at the Nation who I enjoy reading (that was a poorly constructed statement): The Function of Black Rage (via @mychalsmith)

– Sweet! Anita Sarkeesian got an award at GDC: The 2014 Game Developers Choice Ambassador Award (via @femfreq)

– Oh Hobby Lobby. You continue to suck: Principles! (via @Shakestweetz)

– Fascinating: Truth in Ads (h/t @RepresentPledge)

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