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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 12 2013

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Below are articles that have pretty much entirely come to me based on folks I follow on Twitter.

– Look who’s come around and embraced science: CNN’s Gupta: I Was Wrong About Marijuana

– Stop it, pro-British folks: Northern Ireland clashes leave 56 police, 2 civilians injured

– Do better, SSa: Social Security Payments Limited To Same-Sex Married Couples Living In States That Recognize Marriage Equality

– CA Legislature spreading ‘San Francisco Values.’ Sweet! CA Governor Signs Transgender Student Bill

– Oh so we’re denying organs to kids because they’ve had legal troubles? FFS Dying Teen Is Being Denied A Heart Transplant Because He’s Had Trouble With The Law

– Well that’s fantastic. Also, Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly? You’re done. Just stop. Judge Rejects New York’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy

– No idea who HS is? You’re lucky: When Will We Stop Talking About Hugo Schwyzer? Whenever His Victims Want To Stop, Damn It.

– I’ve only just learned about him, and I’m embarrassed for how Big Feminism has handled itself: An Open Letter to Big Feminist Media Regarding Hugo Schwyzer

– Man, I wish I could have seen this live: Jessica Luther’s Talk from the Opening Plenary of Forging Justice

– Why do these disgusting places get *any* taxpayer dollars? The Trojan Horse of the Anti-Choice Movement

– In today’s “Football Player Rapist” news: Four former Vanderbilt football players charged with rape of unconscious woman

– Finally, if you’re on twitter, please go check out #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen. It is an AMAZING tag started by a woman of color that is good for all of us privileged white women to read, understand, and learn from.

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