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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 13 2013

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I just saw “Kick Ass 2” and it was not good. Depressingly not good. Racist, xenophobic gags (a ‘good guy’ actually says at one point “want me to go Saudi Arabia on that hand of yours?” and then cuts it off). Also so much violence not from a comic-book-superhero-place but from a “wait, is this Saw LX?” place. I really enjoyed the first one, and maybe I missed racism and xenophobia in that one, but man, it’s pretty impossible to ignore in this one. Bad. Really bad.

Now that I’m done with depressing fake stuff, here’s some depressing (and not so depressing) real stuff!

– Tired of reading about race and feminism? Too bad! We Need to Talk About Hugo, Race, and Feminism (via @BitchMedia)

– Another article on the HS issue: Yes, This Is About Race (via @redlightvoices)

– Here’s a term I didn’t know until about a week ago: Microaggressions (h/t @stavvers)

You’ll likely notice the @someone after the articles. I realized today that even though I’ve mentioned I get virtually all these links from interesting folks I follow on twitter, it’s appropriate to actually credit them. If it says ‘via’ it’s because I found it directly from the author; if it’s h/t, it’s the person who tweeted about it but isn’t the author.

– And finally, via the Mister, Back to the Future. In 60 seconds.


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