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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 14 2013

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Another night, another movie. I just watched “Safety Not Guaranteed” on Netflix. It’s pretty fantastic. It’s a small movie but it feels big. It’s very sweet and interesting. I recommend it.

On with the links.

– Well that was a quick turnaround: Hospital agrees to put 15-year-old on transplant list

– An overview of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen tag, from the woman who started it: #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: women of color’s issue with digital feminism (via @Karnythia)

– Overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Man, I need to read up more on this: The Supreme Court’s War on Indian Children (h/t @ChiefElk)

– Okay. This is funny. Man Creates Very First Website for Women Ever (h/t taralconley)

– Finally, our irony for the evening:’s hiring an intern. An unpaid intern. Yay free labor! Way to limit the pool of candidates to those who have the resources to work for free: Top editor at Sheryl Sandberg’s foundation tries to lean on unpaid intern

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