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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 22 2013

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Let’s jump in:

– A take on Assange I haven’t seen yet: Law cannot determine whether Assange is guilty of sexual assault (h/t @stavvers)

– This woman is brave in ways I can’t even comprehend: ‘I am Chelsea Manning’ (h/t @laurenarankin)

– Planning on talking about Private Manning? Here’s some info: GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide: A Resource for Journalists, Updated May 2010 (h/t @schemaly)

– I would definitely like to see this become a trend: Clarke seeks slice of soccer team for Orange taxpayers (h/t @maddowblog)

– Wow. Pretty fantastic: The story bigots hate: Antoinette Tuff’s courage (h/t @JamilahLemieux)

– How is this acceptable? How do we change this? Don’t Fly During Ramadan (h/t @allisonkilkenney)

– More on what trans* people face: Chelsea Manning, media bias and cissexism (via @sophiaphotos)

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