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August 2014



What I’m Reading – August 24, 2014

Written by , Posted in Feminism, Politics

I had a fantastic week in Hawaii, but I have to admit I was relieved this morning to get out of the car at the grocery store and not immediately feel like I need a shower.

– Ferguson. The Front Lines of Ferguson (h/t @scATX)

– Ferguson. Nurse On Site Was Not Allowed to Tend Mike Brown

– Ferguson. Advice for Ferguson From the Supreme Court (h/t @AllisonKilkenny)

– The physical anger I feel at this disgusting editorial – I can feel my blood pressure rising. What. An. Asshole. I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me. (h/t @Karnythia)

– Some rationality to counter that crap above: For blacks, America is dangerous by default (via @PrisonCulture)

– Justice Ginsburg speaks the truth: Justice Ginsburg: America Has A ‘Real Racial Problem’ (via @ThinkProgress)

– Is there a way to stop this? The Catholic Church is Managing Many Local Hospitals. How Will it Affect Your Health Care?

– This hits close to home because my sister and her fiance are both trying to get tenured positions: The Adjunct Crisis: A Reading List

– We have some flexibility with out work hours and it’s pretty fantastic: Yes, Flexible Hours Ease Stress. But Is Everyone on Board?

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