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August 2014



What I’m Reading – August 31, 2014

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– “The research team, which studied clashes between police and activists during the Occupy movement three years ago, found that protests tend to turn violent when officers use aggressive tactics, such as approaching demonstrators in riot gear or lining up in military-like formations.” Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find (h/t @BeckyGMartinez)

– “In this era of mass incarceration, the police shouldn’t be trusted any more than any other witness, perhaps less so.” Why Police Lie Under Oath (h/t @Copwatch)

– “An officer on the street let the dog he was controlling urinate on the memorial site.” Michael Brown’s Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot—and Police Crushed Them (via @MotherJones)


– “The ESPN segment, as Burke and Long both insinuated, had the air of a report seeking to make a story where there was none.” Rams’ Chris Long Tweets Perfect Response To ESPN Report On Mike Sam’s Showers (via @ThinkProgress)


– “EFF opposed the kill switch bill because the legislation does not make clear exactly who can trigger a smartphone’s kill switch.” New CA kill switch law stirs free speech debate (h/t @SeattlePrivacy)

Worker Rights:

– “The policy is that if you have kids, you will never be scheduled past 5pm. The business closes at 7:30, but those without kids work the later part of the day” Child Free Discrimination? (h/t @nothavingababy)


– “When an aesthetic is divorced from anything essential, from any soul, it becomes little more than a sound. And that sounds bad for the future of black music.” The Tragedy of Whitewashing Hip Hop (h/t @FeministaJones)

Health Care:

– “They assume that pharmacies are charging them the right co-payments, that insurance companies are paying the correct share. But as health plans’ rules for prescription drugs become more complicated, it’s harder to tell.” One Drug. Two Prices. A Reporter Struggles to Find Out the Cost of His Son’s Prescription (via @ProPublica)


– “It sucks shit to be a woman in music and female musicians already get the short end of the music coverage stick, so it’s real bogus to see potentially important ink get wasted on this crap.” Erm…the Weekly’s Bumbershoot preview for La Luz is real weird (h/t @passtheteapot)

-“Abortion is a basic health care service”  Abortions Must Be Covered By Health Insurance Companies In California (h/t @jessicavalenti)

-“When breaking the reviews down by gender of the person evaluated, 58.9% of the reviews received by men contained critical feedback. 87.9% of the reviews received by women did.” The abrasiveness trap: High-achieving men and women are described differently in reviews (h/t @gildedspine)

– “I’m appreciative that young men like want to curb sexual assault, but anything that puts the onus on women to “discreetly” keep from being raped misses the point. We should be trying to stop rape, not just individually avoid it.” Why is it easier to invent anti-rape nail polish than find a way to stop rapists? (via @JessicaValenti)

– “A student who was punched in the face at the Notting Hill Carnival for telling a man not to grope her says she would do the same again.” Notting Hill Carnival: Punched woman talks of outrage (via @BBCNewsbeat)

– The latest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is really well done and also horrifying. (via @femfreq)

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