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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 6 2013

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My friends made a baby, yo! Excited to meet him. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been reading today.

– I mean, yes, be here’s information to support that claim: Is There Racial Bias in “Stand Your Ground” Laws?

– You may be asking ‘why all the posts on trans issues lately?’ Well, I started following some new people on twitter, and I have to say, they post some pretty awesome stuff that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to: Unpacking Transphobia

– Have you noticed an uptick in 20-week abortion bans? Here’s some of the bunk that’s being used to support these laws: Why ‘Fetal Pain’ Is Hogwash

– So, I checked, and this is true on my computer. Lesson 1: ALWAYS CLEAR YOUR HISTORY. Lesson 2: Google isn’t always right (sad panda): Has your chum left their computer logged in? Do they use Chrome? Here’s how to read all their passwords

– Orange is the New Black is awesome. Here’s an article on how the show and book compare to real life: An In-Depth Look at How “Orange Is the New Black” Compares to Real Life

– The answer to this is also yes: Can McDonalds Make A Profit While Paying $15 An Hour?

And finally – this.


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