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August 2014



What I’m Reading – August 7, 2014

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Two birthdays this week – Arlo turned three and Lukas turned one. Happy birthday buddies!

– NY Times on the ruling about franchises: Holding McDonald’s Accountable (via @nytimes)

– What happens when a celebrity supports Palestine: Tweet and delete: On Gaza, celebrity courage — and cowardice — over social media (h/t @roqchams)

– Ugh: Study: Women More Likely to Be Lied to in Negotiations Than Men (h/t @MacMcClelland)

– Cis just means you aren’t trans. It’s really not that hard: Criado-Perez Gets Cisgenderism Spectacularly Wrong (h/t @ParkerMolloy)

– This is what happens when states are allowed to discriminate: Ohio Hospital Withholds Medical Records From Lesbian Widow (h/t @fakedansavage)

– Trans issues deserve better coverage than what the New York published recently. This op-ed explains: Op-ed: An Open Letter to The New Yorker (h/t @ParkerMolloy)

– Yikes: UK’s Lords and EU Take Aim at Online Anonymity (via @fightfortheftr)

– Go NYU. This should be interesting. Will NYU’s New Video Game Degree End The Era Of Bro Gaming? (via @ThinkProgress)


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