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December 2016



What I’m Reading: December 11, 2016

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Fight Back

  • “Your commitment doesn’t have to be the same thing every day,” Seling and Hoffman write on the website for Our First 100 Days. “Your project can be as loose as it needs to be to keep you going … [it’s] more about committing to taking a small amount of time every single day to put something positive and thoughtful in the world.” What Should We Do During “Our First 100 Days” Under Trump? Fight Back. (via @TheStranger)
  • “Thousands of women [including me] — and those who love them — gathered in Volunteer Park Saturday afternoon for a march against hate organized to counter a tide of misogyny and stand up against efforts to roll back women’s rights under the incoming Trump administration. Thousands take to streets of Capitol Hill as ‘Seattle Women March Against Hate’

Fake News


Anti-Muslim Bigotry

  • “If you’ll allow me to be cynical for a moment, imposing state restrictions on what women may and may not wear in public has not, historically, been a great foundation for feminist liberation.” Angela Merkel’s burqa ban is sexist, racist and wrong (via @PennyRed)

Reproductive Rights

  • “#ShoutYourAbortion is working to destigmatize abortion by creating a network of voices and a platform for women to tell their stories.” #ShoutYourAbortion Official


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