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December 2016



What I’m Reading – December 18, 2016

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Fight Back

  • “So yes, this is major. But let’s catch our breath. We don’t know yet for a fact that these allegations are true. Both stories came from anonymous intelligence community sources, and in all such cases, the sources need to be considered. So the Obama administration and the CIA should put this information out there publicly.” World War III: Democrats and America vs. Trump and Russia
  • “For us, it’s been really clear—we’ve had really great support from black women. Of course we’ve seen the “ultra-left” have a problem; all of a sudden, making money is a problem—when black women are the ones doing it. And, of course, we’ve seen a lot of white fragility—many white women in particular are taking issue with having to pay for our content, our work, our energy, our time.” The Co-creator Of Safety Pin Box Explains Why You Should Pay Black Women (via @ESTBLSHMNT)


  • “Bill Peace, a professor at Syracuse University, says his wheelchair has been “damaged in every way humanly possible” by the airlines. Peace says he has never once been reimbursed for repairs, and considers the airlines to be “openly hostile” to wheelchair users. For this reason, Peace has instituted a “1,000 mile rule,” meaning that if he has to travel less than 1,000 miles, he drives or takes Amtrak. When I pointed out that he is opting for a mode of transportation that is statistically more dangerous, he agrees there is a tradeoff. But he adds, “Flying is an invitation for abuse of all sorts, physical and social.”” Wheelchair users hate to fly. Even more than you do. Here’s why.


  • “When you say that Hitler is “to your left,” what do you mean by that? What was too liberal about Hitler? Did the gas chambers somehow help the environment? This is a serious question.” 10 Questions For My Anti-Semitic Trolls (via @ESTBLSHMNT)


  • “Before Obama triumphed in 2008, the most-famous depictions of black success tended to be entertainers or athletes. But Obama had shown that it was “possible to be smart and cool at the same damn time,” as Jesse Williams put it at the BET party. Moreover, he had not embarrassed his people with a string of scandals. Against the specter of black pathology, against the narrow images of welfare moms and deadbeat dads, his time in the White House had been an eight-year showcase of a healthy and successful black family spanning three generations, with two dogs to boot. In short, he became a symbol of black people’s everyday, extraordinary Americanness.” My President Was Black (via @TheAtlantic)


Sexual Assault

  • “At least 368 gymnasts have alleged some form of sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches, gym owners and other adults working in gymnastics. That’s a rate of one every 20 days. And it’s likely an undercount.” A 20-year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation (h/t @scATX)
  • “It’s time to ask—and answer—what does justice after rape look like? Unfortunately, this conversation about what justice would look like after rape has been largely absent in sexual assault coverage this year. This must change: The mainstream idea of “justice” after rape in our society is ridiculously limited.” Why Apologies Are A Powerful Tool In Combating Rape Culture (via @ESTBLSHMNT)

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