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December 2013



What I’m Reading – December 19, 2013

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I get to see my family soon! In the meantime, here is what’s fueling my fire these days…

– I have to say I had no idea how  disrespectful Eve Ensler has been to women of color, specifically first nations / native american women: One Billion Rising: Eve Ensler’s White Feminist Low Blow (h/t @ChiefElk)

– So if Ms. Ensler’s way is wrong, what’s another possible approach? Beyond Eve Ensler: What Should Organizing Against Gender Violence Look Like? (h/t @laurenarankin)

– The headline says it all: Michigan passes ‘rape insurance’ bill (via @ProPublica)

– This is a thing that happened. Affluenza: the latest excuse for the wealthy to do whatever they want (via @scATX)

– So yeah, don’t put things in the mouths of people having seizures: If Someone Is Having a Seizure (h/t @stavvers)

– We need to get the money to keep his dog with him: Blind Man, Guide Dog, Safe After Subway Track Fall (via @AP)

– A woman’s story of late-night bus harassment: I was threatened with violence and rape and begged a bus driver to protect me from my harasser. Instead, he laughed and shook the man’s hand. (h/t @pennyred)

– The No Fly List is terrifying: Read this woman’s personal no-fly list hell

– Racism takes many forms. It doesn’t just involve slurs: Racism Up Close: How A White Woman Tried To Get My GoFundMe Shut Down (via @thetrudz)


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