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December 2013



What I’m Reading – December 27, 2013

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Last wrap-up of the year! Hope you all had a great Christmas (if that’s your thing).

– Peter Singer makes the argument that we should give to the organizations that can make the most of our money: Heartwarming causes are nice, but let’s give to charity with our heads (h/t @ClinicEscort)

– This is a disgusting refusal to honor a woman’s wishes: Texas Father Barred from Taking Pregnant Wife Off Life Support (h/t @AIsForOrg)

– Whoa. I did not know this: The Extraordinary Story Of Why A ‘Cakewalk’ Wasn’t Always Easy (via @NPR)

– Excellent: Notre Dame Dealt Big Rejection In Challenge Against Birth Control Coverage (h/t @graceishuman)

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