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July 2014



What I’m Reading – July 10, 2014

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It’s going to be really hot here again this weekend.

– WHY do so many people not understand what feminism is? Seriously. I’m asking. Man Tapped to Draw the New Wonder Woman Doesn’t Want Her to Be Feminist (via @MotherJones)

– Street harassment sucks. Believe it. Women everywhere have their movement limited by the male gaze (via @renireni)

– I hate everything. Citing ‘Hobby Lobby,’ Religious Groups Ask Obama for LGBT Exemptions (h/t @msfoundation)

– This article is a really eloquent look at what we value in people, and why. Ugly Girl (via @shakestweets)

– And while people might mean well, as the post says, don’t do this. Don’t Do This (via @shakestweets)

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